Selbstbestimmung als Aufgabe

The text on "OPPortunism" (in German: Normalität, oder...) was written between 04/2003 and 02/2004 (with emendations in 09/2004). I got back again to the OPP topic in 2006 when writing the follow up 9.1 chapters up to ca §27. Later on in this year I had some reasons to give a presentation of OPP ("magical") thinking in english language and in 2007 I tried to give another one in connection with the originally english version of the text on "Identity" (still to be published here; German translation here: "Identität, Individualität, gender"). The next step was the fragment on "system overview II: Some basic concepts and ideas of the theory" introducing "manageability - affordability - provenness". OPP was again treated on various occasions within the reflection on "The failure of modernity (modern thinking)" which in many regards helped to remove bad mistakes still present in my thoughts about OPP, especially the formula for what its mistake does consist in.

The most relevant fault with all the misled and confused approaches was: That I always started to reconstruct "the mistake of OPP people" by naming the ELEMENTS of which they would "put together" their "extended self" ES, and THEN they would begin to confuse these elements which, according to that presentation, first had been clearly separated. That, however, is never the case in OPP thinking, quite to the contrary: They never would distinguish those concepts of coreself, extended self, and remaining unknown, instead they would think in terms of practice, its fragments and branches, single steps etc, and the according categories (which basically consist in the ever recurring triad quoted above: manageability etc). So my own confusion was to first ascribe to the OPP people the capability of differentiating between the three basic fields of planning, and then to claim that OPP people would forget everything related to these differences and ignore those capabilities eventhough they were present in them - that, of course, is nonsense. So that allegedly great discovery of THE fundamental error in OPP thinking turned out to be the biggest obstacle in presenting the real formula. Which, I do hope, will be the outcome of the new text in the end of dropdown menu for "Normalität", draft for a chapter 8i (cf there). (Former version 1 of Part II still to be published.)